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Plasme Cutter Cutting

What is plasma? Plasma is the 4th state of matter (solids, liquids, gasses, and plasma)! Basically, it's a gas which has been heated to such a high temperature, it's no longer a gas – it's plasma. This plasma gas is passed through an electric current and ionized, making it electrically conductive. Being conductive, it's attracted to the workpiece where the metal to be cut is melted and blown away by the superheated plasma gas. The result is a narrow, extremely high-energy cutting arc which, with laser-like precision, slices through metal as quickly and easily as a hot knife through butter. Hands down, plasma cutting is the fastest, easiest way to cut through any material that conducts electricity. There's no contest . . . and no heat distortion!

Plasma cutting technology has been around for a while. Until recently, plasma cutters were found only in heavy industrial and specialized manufacturing applications. Now, HTP® offers state-of-the art equipment that is affordable and can be used virtually anywhere.
Take the MicroCut® 301, for example. This handy, durable cutter operates on 220 volts and only weighs 14 lbs. It's an affordable, yet powerful (cuts 5/16" steel @ 14"/min), 220 volt machine in a compact, go-anywhere package.

Or how about our MicroCut 600? This machine brings inverter technology home in 40 amp unit that cuts up to ½" at 5"/min quickly and easily.

Now, plasma cutters can be used by fabricators, muffler shops, street rodders, farmers, race car builders, and even sophisticated home handymen. Anyone who wants to cut, shape, modify or just get metal out of the way will find that an HTP plasma cutter is the ideal tool for the job. You can always count on HTP for the right machine for your application . . . at the right price.

Plasma Cutting Speed Chart

Plasma Cutting Speed Chart

Plasma Cutters at a Glance
MicroCut 301 MicroCut 600 MicroCut 875SC
Primary Voltage (volts) 220 220 230
Primary Amperage (amps) 16 30 30
Cutting Current (amps) 5-25 amps
Infinitely Variable
10 to 40 amps
Infinitely Variable
30 to 55 amps
Infinitely Variable
Open Circuit Voltage (volts DC) 430 350 320
Cutting Voltage (volts DC) 85 110 140
Quality Cutting Capacity 5/16˝@ 12˝/min 3/8˝ @ 10˝/min 1˝ @ 10˝/min
Severance Cutting Capacity 5˝/min 3/8˝ @ 6˝/min 1/2˝ @ 5˝/min 1 3/16˝ @ 4"/min
Duty Cycle 100%@ 20% @ 25 amps 20% @ 40 amps 40% @ 55 amps
100% @ 45 amps
Weight 14 lbs 22 lbs 40 lbs


13˝ 15˝ 18 3/4˝


4 ½˝ 8 1/4˝


12 ½˝ 12 1/4˝
Cutting Torch Length 13 ft. 13 ft. Hand Torch: 18’
Machine Torch: 35’
Ground Length 9 ft. 12 ft. 10 ft.
Input Power Cord Length 6 ft. 7 ft. 9 ft.
Plasma/Cooling Gas Pressure 80 psi 60 - 75 psi 70 psi
Plasma/Cooling Gas Volume 3.5 cfm 3.5 cfm 3.5 cfm
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Parts for HTP MicroCut 300, 301, 380, 400 & 625-45 Photo
Replacement Parts for HTP MicroCut 300, 301, 380, 400 & 625-45 Plasma Cutter

Replacement parts for HTP MicroCut® 300, 301, 380, 400 & 625-45 Plasma Cutting Torches.
Circle Cutting Attachment Photo
Circle Cutting Attachment

Here is a unique attachment for your plasma cutter that can make your cutting jobs not just easier, but also more precise. Anyone can use it! The HTP® Circle Cutting Attachement kit includes a 10” cutting bar, 15” cutting bar, compass base, magnetic base, ¼” pierce base and dual-wheel car. The two cutting bars can be attached together, allowing you to accurately cut circles anywhere from 4” to 50” diameter. Straight line cutting? The dual wheel car makes it a snap.

The 87100-LC, a more economical version of the Circle Cutting Attachment for use with the HTP MicroCut® 875S plasma cutters and Thermal Dynamics One Series torches. Only includes compass base and one cutting bar which can cut from 4" up to 25" circle.

HTP Plasma Cutter Machine Cover Photo
Machine Covers for HTP Plasma Cutters

A Plasma Cutter Cover is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your HTP® Plasma Cutter is always ready to operate at peak efficiency.

Super Dry for Plasma Cutters Photo
Super Dry

Our Super Dry is an excellent dryer for all kinds of applications - painting, sanding, air tools, and of course plasma cutting! A dry, clean air line will keep moisture out of your tools and extend the life of your plasma cutting consumables.
MicroCut 875SC Plasma Cutter Photo
MicroCut 875SC - Temporarily Out of Stock

Temporarily Out of Stock.

Introducing the newest addition to our plasma cutter lineup
—the MicroCut 875SC. With 55 amps of cutting power, the MicroCut 875SC quality cuts material up to 5/8” thick at 10 inches per minute and rough cuts material up to 7/8” thick at 4 inches per minute. If you need to cut thinner gauge sheet metal, no problem—just tweak the amperage down and slice away. Perfect for the serious fabricator, the MicroCut 875SC allows non-stop, efficient cutting (with a duty cycle of 100% at 45 amps and 40% at 55 amps) and effectively slices through mild steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and even rusty or painted plate.

25' Long Heavy Duty Extension Cord
Heavy Duty Extension Cord - 25' Long, 8 AWG , 50 Amp
Our Price: $57.99

25' Long Extension Cord for MIG and TIG welders, and Plasma Cutters. This heavey duty extension cord is 8 AWG cable, rated for 50 Amps, and comes with a molded on N plug, and has a matching NEMA 6-50R receptacle.
MicroCut 300, 301, 380 & 400 Consumable Parts Kit Photo
MicroCut 300, 301, 380 & 400 Plasma Cutter Parts Kit
Our Price: $74.95
Sale Price: $60.95
You save $14.00!

Our Consumable Kit for the HTP MicroCut® 300, 301,380 or 400 Plasma Cutter is a great way to keep a small supply of items on hand that need replacing occasionally on your plasma torch.

MicroCut 600 Consumable Parts Kit Photo
MicroCut 600 Consumable Parts Kit
Our Price: $74.95
Sale Price: $60.95
You save $14.00!

Our Consumable Kit (Repalcement Parts) for the HTP MicroCut® 600 Plasma Cutter is a great way to keep a small supply of items on hand that occasionally need replacing on your plasma torch. The cutting torch of a plasma cutter is susceptible to the same heat damage and slag build-up as a MIG welding torch. This handy parts kit includes everything you need when replacing consumables on your MicroCut 600 torch.

MicroCut 625-45 Consumable Parts Kit Photo
MicroCut 625-45 Plasma Cutter Parts Kit
Our Price: $98.60
Sale Price: $70.95
You save $27.65!

Our Consumable Kit for the HTP MicroCut® 625(#25625-45) Plasma Cutter is a great way to keep a small supply of items on hand that need replacing occasionally on your plasma torch.

MIG/TIG/Plasma Cart Photo
MIG/TIG/Plasma Cart
Our Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $149.95
You save $50.00!

Introducing HTP®’s newest, all steel, universal welding cart. We designed our welding cart to work with many MIG, TIG, and plasma cutting machines. Three trays provide ample space to hold your welding machine, water-cooler and/or welding accessories, and two hooks provide space for hanging your MIG gun, TIG torch, or plasma torch, as well as your ground cable and clamp assembly.

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