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HTP Invertig 221 TIG Welder 220 Watercooled - Temporarily Out of Stock
Invertig 221 TIG Welder HTP
Welding cart NOT included

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220 Air Cooled
220 Water Cooled
Dual Voltage 110/220 Air Cooled
Dual Voltage 110/220 Water Cooled

Water-Cooled Price $3,070.00

Product Code: 70221-12.5-1

Temporarily out of stock; new inventory expected mid-July.

he Invertig 221 AC/DC Inverter TIG welder will allow you to produce welds with all types of metal. We increased the maximum welding current by 10% to a full 220 amps of rugged welding power. And we put the machine on a diet, the HTP® Invertig 221 weighs in at only 40 lbs, so it’s easy to take right to the job! We also added the Invertig 221 DV (Dual Voltage) which welds on both 110 volts and 220 volts – the ultimate in portability.

The Invertig 221 is packed with features many of our competitors don't even offer at twice the price! It's the only welder in it's class with independent AC amperage adjustment. This feature gives you precise control over the heat input to both the workpiece and the tungsten by allowing you to separately adjust the electrode negative and electrode positive amperage.

Welding cart NOT included
Conventional transformer TIG welders have a fixed AC frequency of 60 Hz (same as your household current).
They use a pure tungsten electrode which forms a ball when welding AC. The Invertig 221 offers you the
ability to adjust the AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 Hz – the higher AC frequency gives you a more focused
arc with greater arc control. With an inverter, running a higher AC frequency, say in the 150 Hz to 200 Hz
range allows you to use ceriated, lanthanated, or thoriated tungsten sharpened to a point. Which:
TIG Welder Invertig 221 top view • Allows the arc to jump from a point instead of
a ball, which provides unparalleled arc stability
and reduces "arc wandering".
• Produces a more focused arc, resulting in a
narrower bead and making it much easier to
weld inside corners.
• Minimizes the heat affected zone as the heat
is more concentrated, making it easier for both
the novice and professional to weld thin materials.

The 221 also gives you precise control over the
AC balance (from 10% to 90%) so you can
control the arc cleaning action.

The 221 is also an excellent DC welder too. The smooth, stable arc coupled with the 221’s high speed pulse

DC pulse make intricate work on mild steel, 4130, stainless, inconel and titanium a breeze. High speed DC

pulse focuses the DC arc much like the AC balance focuses the AC Arc – the end result – more control

and less arc wandering. With a pulse rate of up to 999pps, there isn’t a job out there the 221 can’t handle.

Let’s face it, control of the arc is the foundation of better welds and precision results. With the 221’s

independent AC amperage adjustment, adjustable AC frequency, adjustable AC balance, and high speed

DC pulse, the 221 gives you arc control like you never before experienced.

The 221 allows you to store up to 64 separate welding programs. So, say you found a setting you really like

for welding aluminum radiator tanks to cores. AC – On, HF – On, Max Current = 180 amps, AC Balance = 65%, AC Frequency = 180 Hz, EP = 60%, Pulse Freq 1 Hz, Peak Time 80%, Background Current 30%. Simply

store this program and you can come back to it when you have another tank to core job. Assigning banks

of memory slots to multiple welders allows them to access their personal settings in a job shop environment.

Our Dual Voltage model can be ordered with or without a Water Cooler.

Conventional arc welding is really simple with the Invertig 221. Using the stick mode in

conjunction with the foot pedal, allows you to vary the welding amperage. Perfect when doing pipe welding!

Select the touch start mode for welding aluminum or any other material without High Frequency. This is

important if your application takes you near sensitive electronic equipment, such as on site repairs in a

hospital or repairing aluminum vehicles with on-board computers.

This package of power weighs just 48 lbs and fits into a cabinet measuring 19 ¾” long by 7 ½” wide by

15 ¾" high. The Invertig 221 package includes a 12 ½' long 20 Series water-cooled TIG torch, 12 ½’

long foot pedal, Arctic Chill Water Cooler, 10' ground cable clamp, flowmeter, and 70 minute TIG DVD; welding cart NOT included.

The advanced technology found in the Invertig 221 will allow you to produce professional quality welds in all

types of metal – quickly, easily and affordably. And every Invertig 221 comes with our 90-Day Money-Back

Guarantee. We are so sure you will love your Invertig 221 that you can try it in your own shop for 90-days –

if for any reason you don’t like it we will take it back, no questions asked. Further, we back the machine

with a 3-year warranty.

The Invertig 221 Air Cooled, Water Cooled or Dual Voltage TIG welders are shipped free anywhere in

the Continental United States, additional charges will apply for Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and international

locations. We are happy to ship the Invertig 221 to any location, however there will be additional charges.

Please call or email us at 800-872-9353 or to discuss any shipping questions. To

place your order now, please do so by adding to your shopping cart. One of our customer service

representatives will contact you by phone or email if there are any additional shipping costs.

Specifications Invertig 221 Invertig 221 DV
Input Voltage 220 Volts 230 Volts 115 Volts
Input Amperage TIG 36 amps @ 220 amps 26 amps @ 220 amps 30 amps @ 130 amps
Output Amperage TIG 4 to 220 amps 4 to 220 amps 4 to 155 amps
Duty Cycle 20% @ 220 amps
60% @ 165 amps
100% @ 145 amps
20% @ 220 amps
60% @ 165 amps
100% @ 145 amps
20% @ 155 amps
60% @ 130 amps
100% @ 110 amps
No Load Voltage 65 volts 65 volts 44 volts
Stick Welding Amps 200 amps 200 Amps 140 Amps
Arc Voltage 10.2 to 18.8 volts 10.2 to 18.8 volts
Torch Length/Type SR 17 – 12.5’ Long SR 17 – 12.5’ Long
Foot Pedal Length 12 ft 12 ft
Ground Cable Length 10 ft 10 ft
Slope Down .1 to 10 sec .1 to 10 sec
Pre-Gas Flow .1 to 2 sec .1 to 2 sec
Post Gas Flow .1 to 30 sec .1 to 30 sec
Final Current 10% to 90% 10% to 90%
Pulsing Frequency 0.1 to 999 Hz 0.1 to 999 Hz
Back Ground Current 10% to 90% 10% to 90%
Peak Time 10% to 90% 10% to 90%
Spot Welding Time .1-10 sec .1-10 sec
AC Frequency 20 to 200 Hz 20 to 200 Hz
AC Balance 10 to 90% 10 to 90%
Weight 48 lbs. 50 lbs.
Size 19 ¾” L x 7 ½” W x 15 ¾” H 19 ¾” L x 7 ½” W x 15 ¾” H

Accessories for this product...
Flex Neck TIG Torch Head for 20 Series Torches TIG Torch Holder 15' Electrode Holder & Cable 12.5' Momentary/Arc Start Switch
Our Price: $64.95

List: $17.95

Our Price: $60.90

Our Price: $72.30

Flex Neck Tig Torch Head for 20 Series Torches Photo TIG Torch Holder Photo 15' Electrode Holder & Cable Momentary/Arc Start Switch for HTP Invertig 221 & Invertig 221DV
10' Leather Cable Cover, 7/8" Diameter, Fits WP-20 C) OPTIONAL UPGRADE (Price Only Valid When Purchasing a New Invertig 221 or a New Invertig 221DV) 25' Rotary Hand Amperage Control - Foot Pedal Not Included MIG/TIG/Plasma Cart - Temporarily Out of Stock 25' Long Ground Clamp
Our Price: $48.95

Our Price: $48.00

Sale Price: $149.95

Our Price: $99.00

10' Leather Cable Cover Hand Amperage Control -Rotary MIG/TIG/Plasma Cart Photo 25' Long Ground Clamp
Pyrex Cup Kit for 9 & 20 Series TIG Torches Tig Parts Kit for 9 & 20 Series Torches Cover for Invertig 221 CK Steady Grip - HTP Invertig 221 7 Pin TIG Welders
Sale Price: $54.95

Sale Price: $61.00

Sale Price: $55.00

Our Price: $272.96

Pyrex Cup Kit for 9 & 20 Series TIG Torches Photo Tig Parts Kit for 9 & 20 Series Torches Photo Cover for Invertig 221 TIG Welder Photo CK Steady Grip for HTP Invertig 221 TIG Welders Photo
Adjustable Tungsten Grinder HTP Coolant 15' Long Ground Extension Heel Rest for TIG Foot Pedal
Sale Price: $299.95

Our Price: $39.00

Our Price: $60.00

Our Price: $19.99

Adjustable Tungsten Grinder Photo Coolant Photo Ground Extension SSC Heel Rest for TIG Foot Pedal
Optional Upgrade - 25' Water Cooled Torch & Foot Pedal for Invertig 221 C) OPTIONAL UPGRADE (Price Only Valid When Purchasing a New Invertig 221 or a New Invertig 221DV) 25' Slider Hand Amperage Control - Foot Pedal Not Included B) TIG Welding Gloves - Extra Large A) TIG Welding Gloves - Large
Our Price: $60.00

Our Price: $48.00



25' TIG Torch & Foot Pedal Invertig 221 TIG Welder Hand Amperage Control - Slider for TIG Welders TIG Welding Gloves Photo TIG Welding Gloves Photo
25' Momentary/Arc Start Switch Tungsten Grinder
Our Price: $84.02

Sale Price: $239.99

Momentary/Arc Start Switch for HTP Invertig 221 & Invertig 221DV Tungsten Grinder Photo

Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 3 Write a review.

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Ahead of its time December 13, 2016
Reviewer: Red Cap Welding from Colorado  
This welder is way ahead of its time this is the Ferrari/Ducati of welders.   Eats all others. The machine runs quiet. Has exceptional arc starting and reliability.   You want it you just don't know it yet.  I ordered a cover with mine.   I am very impressed with the quality of that as well.   I love my HTP 221 equipment.

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Very good welder June 21, 2016
Reviewer: Technosteve from Covington, LA  
I have two of these units running about 4 hours a day for the past 3 and a half years.  These run like a clock. I use it to weld aluminum, and it makes my beads look like a pro did them.  Very forgiving and very adjustable.   Thin bead, fat bead, pulsing, it does it all. We usually weld at about 180 amps continuously, and it never goes into the "delay cooldown" mode, not once, ever, no interruptions.  The support service that comes with it is absolutely exceptional.  Man am I glad I didn't go with the Lincoln SquareWave!

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Amazing February 15, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Culpeper va  
I've had this machine for two years and it continues to amaze me. Most of what I do is aluminum and there is nothing better. It is amazing in cast that is a little dirty and
what it will do in thick (3/4x1-1/2 bar stock t weld) is amazing. My friend with a 200 amp blue welder says you should not be weld stuff like that with a welder the size of that 221i. These people are always great to deal with also. If you want to do aluminum don't buy on of these without a water cooler. This is the best welder in it's class at any price!!!

Was this review helpful to you?

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