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Flexible Swan Neck Gun fits HTP MIG Welders Photo
HTP Flexible Swan Neck MIG Guns

Our 10', 12', 15' Flexible Swan Neck Gun fits all HTP MIG Welders. Gun comes complete and ready to use with our Flexible Swan Neck which will allow you to bend the end of your welding gun into virtually any position, allowing you access to very tight confined areas. You know the job; you can barely get your hand and the welding gun in there. Now, with the Flexible Swan Neck you can position the Swan Neck so it points right where you want it.

Cover for HTP MIG WeldersPhoto
Covers for HTP MIG Welders

Made from polyester-backed, marine vinyl, these water resistant, non-flammable covers are specifically crafted to protect your machine from moisture, dust and other harmful workshop elements.
Dual Flowmeter with Backpurge Photo
Dual Flowmeter

Dual Flowmeter Regulator with Back-Purge

HTPs New Dual Flowmeter is great for MIG and TIG welding both steel and aluminum. This flowmeter is perfect for hooking up the same tank to multiple machines, or if you want to back-purge and don't have a second tank to do so. The 1 pressure gauge shows how much gas is left in the tank, and goes from 0 to 4000 psi. The output flow is adjustable from 10 to 60 CFH (cubic feet per hour), and is indicated by a ball which moves up and down in the flow tube. The fitting is a CGA-580 fitting, so it fits all Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, and Argon/CO2 mixed gas tanks.

Welding Flowmeter & Hose Photo

For those who want a more accurate gas delivery system, our Flowmeter and Gas Hose is the answer. Perfect for all TIG and MIG welding applications, our Flowmeter is an economic alternative for the demanding customer who wants more precise gas metering.
50 Amp Plug Photo
50 Amp Plug
Our Price: $11.21

50 amp Electrical plug, also know as dryer plug. This plug will work with 208, 220 or 250 volts. The prongs on this plug look like a big 110 volt plug. This plug is usually found in newer buildings NEMA # 6-30P and 6-50P.
If you need the female receptacle, see part number 12543
50 Amp Electrical Receptacle Photo
50 Amp Electrical Receptacle
Our Price: $11.21

50 amp Electrical receptacle, made by Cooper

If you need the male plug, see part number 12542
50 Amp Crowfoot Plug Photo
50 Amp Crowfoot Plug
Our Price: $11.95

Crowfoot plug can be configured for both 50 amps or 30 amps by changing the blades. This plug will work with 208, 220 or 250 volts.
Cooper Wiring S80 plug.
Leather Welding Gloves Photo
Leather Welding Gloves
Our Price: $13.95

Natural leather is the best protection against heat, sparks and spatter. Our Leather Gloves are strong and comfortable, and extra long to protect wrists.The color may vary, and be different than what is shown in the photo.
Gas Hose Photo
Gas Hose - 6' Long
Our Price: $19.95

Gas Hose which is perfect for use on all MIG and TIG Welding Regulators and Flowmeters which use the standard 5/8" x 18 female fitting commonly found on just about all Miller, Lincoln and Hobart MIG and TIG welding machines.
Gas Hose Adapter Photo
Gas Hose Adapter
Our Price: $19.95

Gas Hose Adapter, 1/8" (4mm)  is used to convert the small 1/8" gas hoses on inexpensive MIG welders to the standard U.S. 5/8"-18 Male Right Hand thread, which is standard on virtually all MIG Welding Flowmeters and Regulators sold in the U.S.

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