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Filler Rod for TIG Welding
In TIG welding, the filler rod is fed into the molten puddle by hand. The choice of filler rod is extremely important as the rod must correctly match the material and alloy you will be welding. The thickness of the material to be welded determines the diameter of the filler rod.

Tig Filler Rod

Here are some good rules of thumb to help you select the correct filler metal:

1. 4043 is a good general filler metal for most aluminum applications. Remember 2xxx and 7xxx series aluminum is generally not recommended if the application requires welding.

2. 5356 is used for 5xxx series aluminum and is generally preferred if the finished piece will be anodized.

3. ER70S-6 is generally used for mild steel welding.

4. ER70S-2 is highly recommended for welding 4130 chrome moly tubing in many applications.

5. ER80S-D2 is recommended for welding 4130 chrome moly tubing if a higher strength, less ductile weld is required. If your weld will be heat treated to obtain optimum strength, then use a filler metal which matches the chemistry of your tubing, which neither 70S-2 nor 80S-D2 wires do.

6. Generally speaking, use a 1/16" diameter filler rod for applications where the material is 1/8" and less. Use a 3/32" diameter rod for 1/8" and thicker.
We offer you high quality Filler Rod in affordable quantities packaged to keep your Filler Rod fresh and contaminant free.
All Filler Rod is packaged in 2 lb. increments, except Titanium which is in 1 lb. package.
Special requests please call us at 800-872-9353

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Item # Description Price Add to Cart
4043-1/16-36 4043 Alloy Aluminum Wire 1/16" X 36" $ 21.95
4043-3/32-36 4043 Alloy Aluminum Wire 3/32" X 36" $ 21.95
4043-1/8-36 4043 Alloy Aluminum Wire 1/8" X 36" $21.95
5356-1/16-36 5356 Alloy Aluminum Wire 1/16" X 36" $21.95
5356-3/32-36 5356 Alloy Aluminum Wire 3/32" X 36" $21.95
5356-1/8-36 5356 Alloy Aluminum Wire 1/8 X 36" $21.95
308L-045-36 308L Stainless Steel Wire .045 x 36 $28.00
308L-1/16-36 308L Stainless Steel Wire 1/16" X 36" $28.00
308L-3/32-36 308L Stainless Steel Wire 3/32" X 36" $28.00
70S6-1/16-36 ER70S-6 Steel Wire 1/16" X 36" $21.50
70S6-3/32-36 ER70S-6 Steel Wire 3/32" X 36"
70S2-1/16-36 ER70S-2 Steel Wire 1/16" X 36" $25.50
80SD2-1/16-36 ER80SD-2 Steel Wire 1/16" X 36" $27.50
ERTi2-063-01T ERTi-2 Titanium 1/16" x 36" - 1 Pound Package $82.31
ERTi2-094-01T ERTi-2 Titanium 3/32"x36", 1 lb. Package $81.90
ERTi2-125-01T ERTi-2 Titanium 1/8"x36", 1 lb. Package $81.90
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