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Yes, I did receive the catalog in PDF format through my email. I am still working and saving with the soul purpose of purchasing your Invertig 221. I'm half way to the single voltage version, but time may allow the funds for the dual voltage model. I am definitely sold on the HTP brand. I had been looking at the Everlast models, but mixed reviews have turned me off even at the price point they offer. Every single review tells no tales of disappointment with your product or customer support. In fact, I am very impressed with the lengths you and your staff will go to to meet your customers' needs. Returning calls after hours and on weekends is unheard of with most American companies. I value any company who holds there customers in such high regard as you have demonstrated. That quality is priceless in today's world. I am very excited and look forward to the day I can place my order and I believe I will be adding welders to the list of things the Italians do with superiority, sports cars, motorcycles, wine and food being the others. I am very pleased with the consideration you have shown me so far and will hopefully be placing my order soon. I am also giving thought to contacting Diana in regards to the layaway plan you offer.

Thanks again Abby,

Gary M.
Troy, KS


I order machining supplies from another supplier because they are fast, one of the main reasons I order from them! I ordered the air cooled torch with backing from your company on Friday late in the day, and was really surprised when I got the mail Monday,  and the TIG torch setup was in the mailbox! With service like this your company will be the one I order from first.!!! Keep up the great work, and your best advertising is by word of mouth,and I"m passing this around to the people I know that need welding supplies too.

Rich S.
Escanaba, MI



Thanks for the support you provided this weekend.  I understand how disruptive it could be to your personal life, please know I greatly appreciate it. I received the replacement board today, and got it installed in about 20 min.  I fired it up, and it seems like the HF start works much better than before, it consistently makes an visible small "pre-arc" every single time now, whereas it was hit and miss before.  The old board is back on it's way to you. I'm going to definitely say some kind words on the welding forum I visit.

 I'm going to weld for a few hours and hopefully this is a permanent fix.

 Thank you once again, you saved the day!!!

 Steve P.

Covington, LA 


Hey Jeff:

I got the RSG250 spool gun and controller today. It took about 45 minutes to hook it up to my Lincoln DC250 as I had to adapt the gas fitting to my regulator. I hooked it up exactly as we had surmised but not before checking out a few things with the volt meter. Once hooked up, I loaded a spool of .035 aluminum wire and, I fiddled around with the settings a little and within 2 minutes I was running beautiful beads on 1/4" aluminum plate. It's a beautiful thing.  It's a sweet little setup and really very simple to hook up. I'm extremely happy with it.


Marcel L.    
Naugatuck, CT


I'm not sure if the catalog arrived as of yet because I'm still deployed overseas. However; the TIG Welder showed up as promised and I am told it works great! Please let everyone that was involved in that sale that I appreciate their job and the careful packaging for the shipment with UPS. Once I get home, I'll check and see what consumable items we may need and order them through you. Thank you once again for everything.


Tiger D.
Bear Lake, PA
Currently deployed Overseas for the US Military     


Hello Diana,

I just wanted to say Thank You for a great product, great price and fast shipping! I installed the handle assembly a couple days ago and it works like a CHAMP!! I have already referred you to several people because of your service! 


John S.

Scottsdale, AZ

 P.S. Please tell Jeff Thanks as well... Return call on a Saturday... IMPRESSIVE!!!


Diana , Daniel here. I just put in an internet order  #3434 and I was wondering if you could put two (2) printed catalogs in there for me . Thank you. Everybody at HTP Rocks! It is a pleasure to do business with you. Please pass this on to the rest of the gang.  Thank you,

Daniel F.
Kenneth City, FL

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to mention that my welder is now 100% operational. When I got the pcb back from you, I filed down the points in the relay on the pcb that were arcing, as you suggested. Lo and behold, a new welder and my job was finally finished!

I want you to know that I am very grateful for your (and HTP's) support in fixing my machine. You didn't get much of a sale out of it this time, but you did a great sales job by putting your customer's needs first. I will obviously think of you first next time I need welding equipment or materials. Please give your boss a copy of this email.

Also, do you have a wiring diagram for this machine? The schematic that appears on the instruction manual is not very helpful. A comprehensive wiring diagram (like the ones for cars, washing machines, etc.) will certainly help trouble-shooting in the future.

Again, thanks for your help and I wish you and all at HTP the best for 2012.

Rosendo F.

Washington, DC


As the owner of a small fabricating company I certainly appreciate good equipment. When I purchased a Versa Mig about 22 years ago I was skeptical because I had never heard of this company before. Now I must say this welder has been a great investment for me. Other than a few minor problems and normal consumables it has worked perfect and still does. I have even bought another welder and a plasma cutter as well. I am also considering purchasing a Tig welder as well. I would certainly recommend HTP Welders and equipment to anyone.

James L.                                                                                                                                                         Ben’s Repair Service                                                                                                                                      Saint Louis, MO.


I rarely comment on products I purchase but I feel this purchase deserves some feedback.  I recently came across your company USA weld on the web looking for my company to purchase a TIG welder. I had the big names in mind and budget was not really a factor. I called and spoke to Abby at USA weld on black Friday she was very nice and very helpful. She had faxed a quote to me by Monday and I started the process moving at my company to purchase the welder I also requested a helmet and cart. Wednesday we placed the order and was called back and the caller, I did not get her name, suggested a better helmet for the TIG welding application, I agreed and the order was placed Wednesday. I received the welder Friday mid morning (incredibly fast).  I finally got to test the new welder and helmet out. I have not picked up a TIG for ten years, let alone a high tech inverter welder. I set it up for steel, and I was amazed, it is awesome. There are allot of settings I have to get familiar with, but as far as a quick test, it is awesome. Thanks so much for all your help and the outstanding service. All companies should use USA weld as a standard of service and satisfaction.

 Thanks so much for everything…………..

Josh M.                                                                                                                                                          North Wales, Pennsylvania


Dear Mr Noland,

    I would like to say Thank You for hiring two great employees. I am referring to Diana and Steve. I recently bought a MicroCut 300 from you company. Diana was able to answer all the questions I had immediately. I ended the conversation knowing that I had purchased the right piece of equipment for my applications. After the plasma cutter arrived, I opened it up and it exceeded my expectations.

    A little while later I got the urge to purchase the Invertig 201. I had a bunch of questions again so I called your company to have Diana answer my boatload full of questions again. This is a true professional. Well I couple of days later I was on the phone with Diana ordering the Invertig 201. The process went smoothly and professionally. Great job.

    Well in between the time I received the MicroCut 300 and ordering the Invertig 201 I was having problems with the MicroCut. It kept cutting off on me after a short period. When I was on the phone with Diana I spoke to her about my problems. She transferred me to Steve the technician. In three questions he had all my questions answered. I felt a little foolish because I had not read the instructions properly. Well off to the sheet metal I went. Out comes a great cut without cutting out and a smile to boot.

    Please convey my greatest Thanks to the Great employees of yours. Tell them to keep up the great work. I know I will call in for my stuff. Happy sails,
Tony H.
North Charleston, South Carolina
Purchased a HTP 2400 back in January 2010, haven't had time to weld much until just recently. Just wanted to say, the more I weld with it the better I like it. It's smooth as butter, I'm a hobbiest but have been welding for more than 40 years. Great product would recommend to anyone. I believe it's the best value for your money.
Richard L.

Nampa, Idaho




Jeff –


The board arrived today and as you well expected the issue is solved!


Your more-than-rapid response to my issue is a welcome change to what is common today in business as a lack of customer-centered focus.  I did NOT expect a response (no less a PHONE CALL!) on Saturday immediately after I sent an email about my issue.  THAT is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE and RAPID RESPONSE!  Sure I have used other welders from some of the “Big Welder names”, but I am confident none of them would have resolved my issue and taken care of me in such a simple rapid method as you did!  In the day of farming out Customer Service to other countries and waiting days to get responses, this one simple interaction has made me confident of my continued support of HTP America!


You ROCK!!!


Curt H.

Wingate, IN



I got the part. All is well in my world!  I now am a happy person to be back welding.


Anyway, I want to thank you for the best Internet correspondence and "right on" delivery of parts. It sure was a pleasure to order from your company and deal with someone with a high intelligence to see that everything was completed exceptionally well. BRAVO to you!


Thanks again,


Pat R.

Neehah, WI


A very satisfied and will be returning Internet customer 



Hello Sir,

I feel compelled to let you know that I have had one of your 110 mig welders for over 17 years and it has served me well, as a result of the fantastic support that I received from field representative and technical support person Steve.  Steve definitely knows electronics and the product he supports better than any person I have had the privileged to make a connection within any field.  I wish there were more like him in our industries, as it would make my job more productive and allow me to service other customers in a better way.  He was just as helpful and supportive during my last contact with him over five years ago.  I believe he deserves a big round of applause, as a great service provider through his efforts in customer support.  Steve is truly anexemplary person that demonstrates the highest level integrity for your company.

I would like to add a note of thanks to Diana at the HTP America in Arlington Heights location.  She always answers the phone with a smile and follows up with Steve on any issues I may have.  Looks like your company does a good job of getting the right people in the correct jobs. 

Thank You Sir,

Randy N. 
Litchfield, IL




A few months ago I purchased a new HTP200 from HTP. I found Jeff Noland

(President of HTP) to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and at all

times, focused on my needs (not profit margin). Several of my friends

(with many years at MIG/TIG and just as many brand names) all agree it

is the smoothest welding MIG they've ever used (two are dumping their

welders for a replacement HTP). I (we) found HTP's ratings (on

thickness) to be quite conservative.  HTP's pre-and-post sales support

was exemplary and the product,... w/o equal. Since that purchase, I

bought another (small TIG) welder from HTP and after a weekend of use,

two more friends bought the same unit!.

The HTP MIG200 feed system is outstanding... no-birdnesting, no

binding, just easy-to-feed delivery (all metal gear drive) and the

quality of construction and incredible range of output makes this a

welder for life.


I'm not sure you'll need a 2400 (as Jeff recommended, the 200 is easily

twice what I'll need) but whatever you buy, if it comes from HTP, it

will be money well spent. On power, my HTP200 was doing classroom

perfect welds on 3/16" steel (heavy roll cage project) at only 1/2



A final suggestion, do not (as I originally did) compare other

product's model numbers to HTP's... HTP's amperage rating is dead-on

and the weld is sooo smooooth throughout the entire range. Try before

you buy, if you don't, you'll never know what you are missing!


An avid HTP fan,

Steve O.

Spring Valley, CA







I meant the tank comment as a compliment! It might just be your welders and cockroaches are all that is left at the end of WW3!

I almost caused myself personal damage trying to load that bugger in my truck. Before I got it in my hands I was only basing my choice on the web site and the demo tape. Neither does it justice. It's so much better built than any welder I looked at...Millers and Hobarts. To top it all off, it makes me a better welder. If you ever start a customer response section to your site, I'm all over it.

I can't thank you enough, for the time you spent with me and for a great product.

Mark H.

Tucson, AZ






Hello Diana,


Just wanted to let you know how much I like my HTP MIG and plasma cutter. I have used a cheap MIG welder in the past and I thought it worked very well but now after using the HTP I see what a MIG welder should be. I have a back ground in electronics and now see why HTP has the capacitors (stable arc and constant power).

On the plasma cutter, this is the first one I have ever used. It works pretty good, I need more practice and some instruction. But I am very happy with it too. As with my HTP TIG welder I recommend you guys to all my friends.


Thanks and keep up the good work and quality product,


Gary M.

Wylie, TX 






I purchased a Mig 2400 today from your company.  I have never welded before, but I know I will enjoy this new hobby.


That however, is not the purpose of this e-mail. 


All too often we, as businessmen, forget how important those who work for/with us are to the success of our endeavors.  I just want you to know that Diana was extremely helpful today, and she made my purchase experience most pleasurable.  If your business is anything like mine, all too often, our staff people don't hear that.  I am already impressed with your company and I haven't even received your product.  Just thought I'd pass that along.


Dave D.

Bowling Green, OH 





Once again I am pleasantly surprised by the results of an order I placed with your company this week. Fair pricing, great service over the tele, follow up email confirmation, and same day out the door shipping likely places your overall customer service at the top of my experience list.


Just a thought I wanted to share with you at close of business this Friday.

Thanks again


Lawrenceville, GA






My dad purchased a HTP welder back in the early 90's and its still going strong. When we needed a new liner for it, we called on the weekend just to see what time we could call in a order on Monday to get a new liner and to our surprise a HTP employee returned our call (ON A SUNDAY!) even though we were only calling to find out business hours. Now that’s customer service!!! Now I'm looking at purchasing a welder and HTP is at the top of my list!



Brent B.

Barnum, MN 





Oh my gosh! Where have you guys been all my life!!!!! I have just spent the last 45 min reviewing your catalog, instead of welding etc…but it was well worth it.


I have been a Miller and Lincoln guy for many years but see some things in here that will lead me away from the local suppliers right to you. I am stunned and for me to run out of words…Well, that is rare.


I am impressed with the organization of the consumables section.


The specs on your machines would help me out as I do a lot of weirdo stuff. Some days I feel like the last “Blacksmith” in town. Thank you so much I will save this catalog so some inventory review and see how much I can get for my current machines. Do you take trade ins????? LOL, just kidding.


I do have one question is there a local dealer in the Detroit Michigan area????? My zip code 48116 and we are about 35 miles Northwest of metro Detroit in Brighton, MI. If not, where do I sign up?


Thank you again,

Robert B.

Brighton, MI


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