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Metal Marker Photo
Metal Marker
Our Price: $4.95

This Metal Marker is a quick, easy and effective way to permanently write on metal.
Spool Adapter Photo
Spool Adapter
Our Price: $35.53
Sale Price: $25.93
You save $9.60!

This Spool Adapter's unique design allows you to use 4" diameter spools of wire on virtually any MIG welder. That means you can now use 4" diameter spools where you could only usee 8" and 12" spools before.
Wire Cleaner Photo
Wire Cleaner
Our Price: $3.95
Sale Price: $1.95
You save $2.00!

Our handy Wire Cleaner clamps onto your wire and cleans the wire before it enters the MIG welding gun. Increases liner life, prevents bird's nesting, and keeps welds clean.

MIG Shrinking Attachment Photo
Shrinking Attachment
Our Price: $17.95

The Shrinking Attachment is a must for bodywork, this incredible accessory screws into your swan neck. Use this tool to relieve stresses in dented automotive panels after shaping and dolly hammer work. This clean, safe electric heat alternated with cooling of the panel will bring the molecules of steel back into shape as before the damage occurred.

Flexible Swan Neck Only Photo
Flexible Swan Neck Only
Our Price: $49.95

This item is great if you already own one of our Flexible Swan Neck guns. This is a replacement flexible swan neck. The Flexible Swan Neck will allow you to bend the end of your welding gun into virtually any position, allowing you access to very tight confined areas.

Essential Welding Kit Photo
Essential Kit
Our Price: $145.95
Sale Price: $100.00
You save $45.95!

Our accessory kits are designed to get you started right and keep you welding. The Essential Kit contains the basics you need to start welding (except gas bottle).
Super Heat Sponge Photo
Super Heat Sponge
Our Price: $35.00

Super Heat Sponge works like magic to absorb heat and provide a protective barrier to stop the damage excessive heat can cause. Apply on the backside of the weld area, as well, to reduce discoloration and distortion on lightweight metal.

Clecos Photo
Our Price: $59.00
Sale Price: $40.95
You save $18.05!

For fabricators and racers, nothing works better to hold metal in place prior to welding then Clecos. They're actually removable rivets. Place the panel in position, drill a 1/8" or 3/16" hole, and using the installation tool, insert the Cleco thru the hole. The two panels are now tightly held together. Clecos are reusable, and they'll be your "third, fourth, and fifth hands" for years to come. The kit includes ten 1/8" clecos, ten 3/16" clecos, two edge holding clecos, and the installation tool. Comes complete with a handy carrying case.
Leather Welding Gloves Photo
Leather Welding Gloves
Our Price: $13.95

Natural leather is the best protection against heat, sparks, and spatter. Our Leather Gloves are strong and comfortable, as well as extra long to protect your wrists.The color may vary and be different than what is shown in the photo.

Gas Bottle - Refurbished Photo
Gas Bottle - Refurbished
Our Price: $100.00

Our 55 cubic foot steel cylinder complete with a new valve, fresh paint, and a current hydro-test. The rating on this tank is either DOT 3AA 1800, or 3A 1800, which means it has a working pressure of 1800 psi. The tanks include a new CGA-580 valve, which allows you to fill the cylinder with argon, argon/CO2 mixes, nitrogen, or helium. These gasses are commonly used for MIG and TIG welding. The tanks are shipped empty, and we cannot ship them filled.

We strongly recommend that you check with your local gas distributor to make sure they will fill the bottle. Many times, gas distributors won't fill bottles you own or that didn't come from them directly. Let them know you have a 55 cu ft cylinder, that is DOT or ICC approved, rated 3AA1800 or 3A1800, and is valved CGA-580 for argon or argon/CO2 mixtures, and they will tell you if they will fill it or not.
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