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From the Inside . . . to the Outside . . .
HTP® Welders are built tough to last long!

1. Control Transformer Provides low voltage to run the printed circuit board, wire drive motor, and main relay. While many companies take this voltage from the main welding transformer, shortening the life of the transformer and ot providing as stable a voltage supply, our machines come standard with this separate transformer.
2. Printed Circuit Board Our solid state printed circuit board can be removed and installed in seconds, without any tools for easy,
do-it-yourself service.
3. Main Relay Mechanism One of the main reasons you will fall in love with your MIG welder. Imagine touching the welding wire exactly where you want to start welding, pulling the trigger, and starting the weld right there in that exact spot. With a main relay, the wire is not "electrically hot" until you pull the trigger.
4. Copper Windings in the Main Transformer As we all know, copper conducts electricity better than aluminum and lasts a lot longer. Copper, most importantly however, provides a smooth stable arc.
Just what you're looking for, right?
5. Circuit Breaker Protection HTP uses circuit breakers on the primary input side of the welder which helps to protect the internal components from damage.
6. Thermoswitch Protection In the unlikely event you exceed the duty cycle of your HTP welder, don't worry, the thermoswitch will shut the machine down, protecting the internal components from overheating.
Outside HTP Mig 200
A. Powder Coated Cabinets We powder coat our cabinets to keep your welder looking good years down the road.
B. Stitch and Spot Welding Many other companies charge extra for these features, but at HTP they are standard equipment. Why? Because it makes welding on light gauge sheet metal easier and faster with less warpage and
less chance of burn through.
C. 10 ft. Coaxial Welding Gun The coaxial design of our welding gun provides a smooth, consistent wire feed essential when it comes to a nice, smooth, stable arc. Also, you can remove and install the welding gun without any tools, which makes changing over to a teflon liner for aluminum welding easy.
D. 16 Gauge Steel Cabinet We build our cabinets out of 16 gauge steel, not plastic like a lot of our competition and, rather than using sheet metal screw, we MIG weld our cabinets resulting in a rugged cabinet, designed for years of use.
E. 10 Ground Cable Easily removed without any tools - an important feature if you happen to drop something on it, sever the cable, and need to replace it.
F. Reverse Polarity Right on the front of the welder and without any tools
just in case you want to use "gasless" flux-cored wires.
G. Full Undercarriage HTP includes wheels and a gas bottle tray as standard equipment. If we didn't, how else would you move your welder around the shop to your project?
H. Recessed Controls All of our potentiometers are recessed which helps prevent accidental damage.


HTP MIGs at a Glance
MIG 200
MIG 200i
MIG 2400
Maximum Output Amperage
Minimum Output Amperage
Maximum Recommended Thickness
5/16" to 3/8"
3/8" to1/2"
Heat Settings
Duty Cycle
20% @ 200 amps
100% @ 105 amps
20% @ 180 amps
60% @ 110 amps
100% @ 90 amps
35% @ 240 amps
100% @ 142 amps
Open Circuit Voltage
20 to 37
18 to 38.5
Circuit Breaker Protection
Forced Air
Dual Fan Forced Air
Wire Size
.023" to .035"
.023" to .035"
.023" to .045"
Input Voltage
Input Amperage
Wire Feed Rate (in./min.)
7 to 625
55 to 630
7 to 625

Size (w/wheels)

Shipping Weight
195 lbs.
39 lbs.
235 lbs.


MIG Welding Basics and How-To with HTP Welders

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Flexible Swan Neck Gun fits HTP MIG Welders Photo
HTP Flexible Swan Neck MIG Guns

Our 10', 12', 15' Flexible Swan Neck Gun fits all HTP MIG Welders. Gun comes complete and ready to use with our Flexible Swan Neck which will allow you to bend the end of your welding gun into virtually any position, allowing you access to very tight confined areas. You know the job; you can barely get your hand and the welding gun in there. Now, with the Flexible Swan Neck you can position the Swan Neck so it points right where you want it.

more info
Cover for HTP MIG WeldersPhoto
Covers for HTP MIG Welders

Made from polyester-backed, marine vinyl, these water resistant, non-flammable covers are specifically crafted to protect your machine from moisture, dust and other harmful workshop elements. more info
Flex Neck TIG Torch Head Photo
Flex Neck TIG Torch Head-Choose the Series Torch that fits your needs

Need to change the angle of your TIG torch to get into that tight area? Trouble is, with a standard TIG torch you can't. Our Flex Neck TIG Torch Head is a unique torch that let's you bend the end of your TIG torch into virtually any position, allowing you quick, easy access to practically any tight, cramped or out-of-the-way spot. Imagine how much easier your welding will be!
more info
Dual Flowmeter with Backpurge Photo
Dual Flowmeter

Dual Flowmeter Regulator with Back-Purge

HTPs New Dual Flowmeter is great for MIG and TIG welding both steel and aluminum. This flowmeter is perfect for hooking up the same tank to multiple machines, or if you want to back-purge and don't have a second tank to do so. The 1 pressure gauge shows how much gas is left in the tank, and goes from 0 to 4000 psi. The output flow is adjustable from 10 to 60 CFH (cubic feet per hour), and is indicated by a ball which moves up and down in the flow tube. The fitting is a CGA-580 fitting, so it fits all Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, and Argon/CO2 mixed gas tanks.

more info
Welding Flowmeter & Hose Photo

For those who want a more accurate gas delivery system, our Flowmeter and Gas Hose is the answer. Perfect for all TIG and MIG welding applications, our Flowmeter is an economic alternative for the demanding customer who wants more precise gas metering. more info
Wireless Foot Pedals for HTP America Welders
Wireless Foot Pedal for HTP America Welders

more info
50 Amp Plug Photo
Parallel Plug, 50 Amp
Our Price: $13.99

Our 50 amp Parallel Plug, also known as a dryer plug, works with 208, 220, or 250 volts. The prongs on this plug look like a big 110 volt plug. This plug is usually found in newer buildings. NEMA # 6-30P and 6-50P.
If you need the female electrical receptacle, see part number 12543.

more info
50 Amp Electrical Receptacle Photo
Electrical Receptacle for Parallel Plug, 50 amp
Our Price: $13.99

50 amp Electrical Receptacle made by Cooper. If you need the male parallel plug, please see part number 12542.
more info
50 Amp Crowfoot Plug Photo
Crowfoot Plug, 50 Amp
Our Price: $15.95

Our Crowfoot Plug can be configured for both 50 amps or 30 amps by changing the blades and works with 208, 220 or 250 volts. Copper-wired S80 plug.

more info
Gas Hose Photo
Gas Hose - 6' Long
Our Price: $19.95

Gas Hose which is perfect for use on all MIG and TIG Welding Regulators and Flowmeters which use the standard 5/8" x 18 female fitting commonly found on just about all Miller, LINCOLN® and Hobart MIG and TIG welding machines. more info
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