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Our flagship Pro Pulse 300 carries on, but also brings to the next level, the legacy of the Pro Pulse 220 MTS. While we designed the Pro Pulse 220 MTS for home or repair shops, we packed the Pro Pulse 300 with even more power and duty-cycle for manufacturing work in an industrial setting. The Pro Pulse 220 MTS and the Pro Pulse 300 share many features, such as the same convenient LCD and easy to understand menu, as well as many of the same accessories, including push/pull guns, spool guns, and remote controls. But the similarities end there.

We cut no corners when we developed the Pro Pulse 300 and packed the power source with even more features than those included with the Pro Pulse 220 MTS. For instance, while you may be familiar with the awesome arc dynamic of the Pro Pulse 220 MTS, the outstanding arc dynamic of the Pro Pulse 300 will absolutely blow you away. Also, on a machine of this magnitude, you expect the best of the best, so
we designed the Pro Pulse 300 to run on single or 3-phase power from 200V to 575V—with no de-rating in output or duty-cycle ever! Additional unique aspects of the Pro Pulse 300 include the hardware and software we use, as well as the accessories and features available on or for the Pro Pulse 300.

Hardware: Only the best! Infineon® IGBT inverters on sophisticated, lacquer-sealed circuit boards—which makes for an IP23 class machine suitable for work in almost any working environment and in most weather conditions. The Pro Pulse 300 also includes two gas solenoid valves, which enables you to keep a spool gun or TIG welding torch, in addition to a MIG welding gun, connected to the machine at all times (though you cannot perform multiple welding processes simultaneously). No gas tanks to switch, no set up to take down. Leave your 30 Lb. spool of wire in the machine, leave your MIG gun attached, press a button on the front panel, twist a plug on the front of the machine, and, as simply as that, you switched your welding mode! Furthermore, a Swiss-made, 4-roller, geared wire feeder, with digital encoder and independent pressure adjustment, ensures the perfect wire feed at all times.

Software: Includes all of the features you can possibly imagine. MIG single pulse, double pulse, manual adjustable double pulse, in ALL programs, with ALL alloys, and on ALL base materials—from steel, to stainless steel, to silicon bronze, to aluminum...everything. The Pro Pulse 300 features hot start and slope down (crater fill) options like you've never seen before. For instance, you can choose either timer controlled hot start or trigger controlled hot start, and you can also choose your hot start intensity. Plus, you can set your slope down time, as well as your base current at the end of slope down, for the perfect termination of every aluminum weld. The Pro Pulse 300 also includes 32 synergic programs to meet all of your fabrication needs.

We thought of everything before we built the Pro Pulse 300, and offer medium and heavy-duty air- and water-cooled MIG welding guns, air- and water-cooled push/pull guns, air- and water-cooled spool guns, smart, on-demand water-coolers that detect problems with water flow and fluid levels and turn the welding output on your Pro Pulse 300 off to protect your water-cooled torches and guns, fully adjustable pulse stick, fully adjustable pulse DC TIG...the list goes on an on.

A relatively lightweight package (the power source alone weighs 95 Lbs.) makes the Pro Pulse 300 portable enough to bring to any job site. You can run the Pro Pulse 300 on a 12000 watt (or better) generator, or plug the Pro Pulse 300 into the wall no matter what power is available.

No matter what you weld, from the thinnest auto body material to the thickest, multi-pass material in an industrial or manufacturing setting, the Pro Pulse 300 is the right machine for you. With programs to meet almost every need, from dual shield stainless to pulse aluminum on a variety of alloys (4043, 5356, 5554), the Pro Pulse 300 handles every job meeting or exceeding your expectations! We offer over-the-phone or in-person, at our shop, assistance to train your welders in the setup and operation of the Pro Pulse 300. For a fee, we will also set up the Pro Pulse 300 in your shop and train your people to unlock the full potential of the Pro Pulse 300. Many of our commercial customers appreciate this service.

Starts at $4,895.00* (Price for the Power Source Alone; Accessories Sold Separately)

Available Accessories for the Pro Pulse 300

MIG Guns: 10', 12, and 15' air- and water-cooled MIG welding guns (other lengths available by special order); multiple series (sizes) and amperage ratings available from 180 amps to 500 amps (air-cooled @ 60% duty-cycle and water-cooled @ 100% duty-cycle up to 500 amps). Pro Tip: We recommend the use of water-cooled MIG welding guns for welding 1/4" aluminum and up.

♦ TIG Torches (Made in the U.S.A.): 12.5' and 25' air- and water-cooled TIG welding torches; air-cooled amperage ratings of 125, 150, and 200 amp, and water-cooled amperage ratings of 250, 300, and 350 amp.
Remote Controls (Made in the U.S.A.): 12' and 25' foot pedals and hand controls for both MIG and TIG welding.
Spool Guns (Made in the U.S.A.): 25' air- and water-cooled spool guns (50' spool guns available by special order)
♦ Push/Pull Guns (Made in Germany): 18' air-cooled and 26' water-cooled push/pull guns.
♦ Electrode Holder for Stick Welding
♦ Heavy Duty Welding Cart Designed for the Pro Pulse 300 and Smart Water-Cooler
♦ Water-Cooler Options: Basic and Smart

The HTP Pro Pulse 300 SHIPS FREE to any business/commercial address with access to a forklift in the Contiguous United States (i.e., the lower 48). If you choose to ship the machine to your residence, accessorial fees will apply (a residential delivery fee, a lift-gate service fee, and possible a limited access fee). Accessorial fees vary by ship to location and by freight line. You may place your order online, but you will be contacted by Customer Service to arrange and pay for any applicable accessorial fees. To avoid accessorial fees, we can also ship the machine to your nearest freight terminal, where they will hold your machine for you to pick-up.

Also, if y
our ship to address is in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or any other U.S. State or Territory outside of the Contiguous United States, partial shipping charges will apply and accessorial fees may apply. You may still place your order online, but you will be contacted by Customer Service to arrange and pay for partial shipping along with any applicable accessorial fees.

Maximum Output Amperage TIG & Stick: 300
MIG: 320
Minimum Output Amperage TIG & Stick: 4
MIG: 12
Maximum Recommended Thickness
*Single pass capacity varies depending on the material being welded and the settings of the machine
Up to 5/8"
Duty-Cycle 40% @ 300A @ 77ºF
100% @ 220A @ 77ºF
35% @ 300A @ 104ºF
60% @ 250A @ 104ºF
100% @ 200A @ 104ºF
Arc Voltage 13-35 (MIG +/-8)
Open Circuit Voltage 79
Electronic Overload Protection Yes
Cooling (Electric fan on demand, variable speed) Air—Dual Fan
Wire Spool Capability
*Up to 44 Lb. weight capacity
8" & 12"
Wire Diameter
*Depends on the material being welded (not all wire can be welded in all sizes)
.023" to .045"
Input Voltage Single Phase: 208 to 240v
3-Phase: 200 to 275v
Input Amperage (@ max output) Single Phase: 51
3-Phase 240v: 31
3-Phase 480v: 5
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Wire Feed Rate (In./Min.) 55 to 787
Size (Length x Width x Height) 26-3/4" x 12", 17-1/4"
*Without wire and cables
95 Lbs.
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