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Flex Neck TIG Torch Head Photo
Flex Neck TIG Torch Head-Choose the Series Torch that fits your needs

Need to change the angle of your TIG torch to get into that tight area? Trouble is, with a standard TIG torch you can't. Our Flex Neck TIG Torch Head is a unique torch that let's you bend the end of your TIG torch into virtually any position, allowing you quick, easy access to practically any tight, cramped or out-of-the-way spot. Imagine how much easier your welding will be!
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Swivel Head TIG Torch Photo
Swivel Head TIG Torch

Our Swivel Head TIG Torch is designed specifically for those tough tubing fabrication applications where it is virtually impossible to weld with a conventional torch. The head can be quickly swiveled and locked in any position within a 360 degrees rotation. With it, you'll easily be able to reach tight corners, joints, recesses and other previously unreachable spots. Anyone working on experimental aircraft frames, drag racing chassis, or basically any application that requires welding a tube frame will find this special TIG torch not just useful, but an absolute necessity.

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Water Cooler for TIG Welder
HTP Water Coolers - Choose the Cooler that Best Fits Your Needs

The HTP Arctic Chill 5460 Water-Cooler for TIG welding features a flat folding handle for easy portability we have seen many coolers without handles, and it's a struggle to get the cooler out from underneath your welder or in and out of your cart. The convenient, screw cap fill and bottom drain make filling and changing coolant quick and easy. Standard 5/8"-18, left-hand male water fittings make your Arctic Chill cooler compatible with all major brands of water-cooled torches. Clearly marked water-in and water-out lines makes it harder to reverse the coolant flow, which guards against boiling the coolant in the torch head.
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Gas Lens Kit TIG Torches Photo
Gas Lens Kit

If you're looking for better shield gas coverage patterns, then our Gas Lens Kit is for you. Better shielding gas patterns let you extend the electrode beyond the edge of the gas cup, which enable you to get into tight spaces or corners. There are several kit variations available fo 9, 17, 18, 20, & 26 Series TIG torches.
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TIG Foot PedalPhoto
TIG Foot Pedal

Our TIG Foot Pedal is a direct plug in for the HTP Invertig 201 and 221. This pedal is available in 12 ' or 25' lengths. This pedal features a low profile for comfort, the top of the pedal is 5 wide and 8 long. It has a non-slip traction pad on both the base of the pedal and the top, to make sure the pedal does not move on the floor, and your foot does not move on the pedal.

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Dual Flowmeter with Backpurge Photo
Dual Flowmeter

Dual Flowmeter Regulator with Back-Purge

HTPs New Dual Flowmeter is great for MIG and TIG welding both steel and aluminum. This flowmeter is perfect for hooking up the same tank to multiple machines, or if you want to back-purge and don't have a second tank to do so. The 1 pressure gauge shows how much gas is left in the tank, and goes from 0 to 4000 psi. The output flow is adjustable from 10 to 60 CFH (cubic feet per hour), and is indicated by a ball which moves up and down in the flow tube. The fitting is a CGA-580 fitting, so it fits all Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, and Argon/CO2 mixed gas tanks.

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Stubby Gas Lens Kit  Photo
Stubby Gas Lens Kit - Fits 17, 18, & 26 Series Torches
Our Price: $49.95

Our new Stubby Gas Lens Kit fits all 17, 18, & 26 Series TIG torches. This kit allows you to put a 9 or 20 cup onto a 17, 18 or 26 torch head.

Our kit comes complete with .040", 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8" size collets and gas lens collet bodies, 4 alumina cups (#5, #6, #7, #8 size), heat shield, short and medium back caps. This kit will give you the ability to handle tungsten in the following sizes: .040", 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8".

You can shorten your total length by over half with this kit, and the small back cap, and help get into those tight spaces!

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Lincoln 6 Pin Foot Pedal Connector Photo
USAWELD® Replacement Parts for LINCOLN 6 Pin Amptrol Remote Foot Pedal Connectors - Female

USAWELD Replacement Parts for 6 Pin Female Connector for the remote foot pedal (K870-1) amperage controls used on LINCOLN TIG welders with 6 pin remote connections. Includes connector and cable clamp.
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Miller 14 Pin Foot Pedal Connector Photo
Miller 14 Pin Connectors - Male or Female

Miller 14 Pin Metal Connectors, male or female, used for remote amperage controls, foot pedals, remote wire feeders or used to build an extension cord.
This pin can replace Miller metal pin part # 136 961, or their plastic pin part #141 162.

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Power Cable Adapter for 9 and 17 Series Air Cooled TIG torches
Power Cable Adapter for 9 and 17 Series Air Cooled TIG Torches
Our Price: $10.00

Power Cable Adapter for 9 and 17 Series Air Cooled TIG torches with one-piece power cables. This power cable adapter is made of high quality brass and accepts the standard one piece power cable on all standard 9 and 17 Series TIG Torches. This is used to connect a TIG torch to a power source which has a threaded stud for the power output connection.

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